Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Story

- I'm hungry.
- Get used to it.
The sky was a dark blue now, brightened from a black pool specked with dots of white that had flickered in the humid air. A bird fluttered by, surprising him.
- What?
- Oh, a bird, I think.
- What bird?
- Not sure, still too dark.
- Not a bat?
- Don't think so. Outline wasn't right.
He looked down at his son's head, poked as it was out of the orange tent. His silhouette of curls was flattened on one side.
- You never move in your sleep.
- I don't? Are you sure, Dad?
- Hunch. Your head's flat on one side.
He winked, even though it was too dark to see that. His son reached up to touch, patted his hair around the sides.
- Is your head flat?
- No.
- That's 'cause you never sleep.
- Everybody sleeps.
- I never seen it.
- Seen sleep?
- Seen you sleep, Dad.
- I do, you just never see it.
- That's what I just said!
He smiled at the ground, then turned to look east. He only slept long after his son fell into it.

Those were important hours. He had to think, plan, examine. That he awoke before his son was a fortune that he bowed to in his mind, several times.
- I got an idea, son.
- Yeah, Dad?
- I need you to help since you can draw.
- Okay.
- Can you find that pencil?
- I think so; I whittled it down last night... it's here.
- And that paper? Packed, right?
- Yeah, from one of the last... got it!
- Okay, ready?
- Ready.
- It's of a man looking at a light bulb, but it's out.
- Out where?
- Above his head. And the man looks at it, and has an idea.
- How do I draw someone having an idea?
- A cloud above their head... no, like a bubble... or can be whatever you choose.
- Okay I choose, then what?
- Draw a light bulb inside the bubble, but on.
- Okay... Dad, that's funny. It was on.
- The bulb was only on in his head, remember that.