Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Woman In Berlin, 1

So it's a new year and thus time for something new. To wit, I'll be jotting down excerpts from the compelling diary A Woman In Berlin. I should note that these excerpts are not reproduced for profit, save of the mental kind. 
Our radio's been dead for four days. Once again we see what a dubious blessing technology really is. Machines with no intrinsic value, worthless if you can't plug them in somewhere. Bread, however, is absolute. Coal is absolute. And gold is gold whether you're in Rome, Peru, or Breslau. But radios, gas stoves, central heating, hot plates, all these gifts of the modern age -- they're nothing but dead weight if the power goes out. At the moment we're marching backwards in time. Cave dwellers.
Friday April 20 1945 4pm
You can read about the presumed author here. Of special interest is the book's reception, noted by H.M. Enzensberger.