Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The following is found in the collection Sunlight Here I Am: Interviews & Encounters, published by Sun Dog Press. The original piece appeared in the LA Free Press, Oct. 31 1975 issue.

This is an excellent encapsulation -- hence, posted here.

[Charles] Bukowski: What moved me to the typewriter was just sheer desperation. I had these dog jobs, and my time was being invested in another man's game. He had my life...8, 10, 12 hours...

[Ben] Pleasants: But other writers have done that, too. Didn't you see the possibility of working that con game, too?

Bukowski: I didn't know what other writers had done. I just had to take those extra couple of hours, get the beer out, and to balance what was happening to me.

[Steve] Richmond: It's got a lot to do with making your own answers to survive. You know, you read a book and there's no answer there. There's nothing worth surviving for in what you read. Nothing worth surviving for in what you see in the streets. So you go to the typewriter and you create something, and it becomes the only thing worth surviving for.

Bukowski: Exactly it.